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How To Remove Henna Tattoos Quickly?

So that henna tattoo you got no longer seems like such a great idea, and you need to get rid of it. Is there a way of removing henna tattoos quickly?

If it’s a new tattoo and the paste is still on your skin, wash it off immediately. The longer it stays on the skin, the stronger the tattoo will be. But what if you have an existing tattoo?

The bad news is no, you’re not going to get rid of a henna tattoo instantly. This is because henna works by staining the upper layers of the skin, and the tattoo will only fade as these skin cells are sloughed off. The amount of time this takes will in turn be influenced by how deep the tattoo is – if more layers of skin need to come off, it’ll obviously take longer. However, there are some steps you can take to speed up the process a little.

  • Simply washing the area repeatedly with a gentle soap or shampoo can help to fade a henna tattoo more rapidly – or you could try soaking in a hot bath. Be aware though that too much washing can dry out the skin and leave it prone to cracking, so use plenty of moisturiser afterwards, and stop if the skin starts to feel irritated.

  • Exfoliating the skin can help to remove the top layer of the skin. Use a facial or body scrub, a facial peel mask, or try a handful of fine sea salt. Be careful with this – don’t scrub so hard that you irritate the skin. You probably won’t remove the tattoo doing this, but it may fade a little.henna tattoo on hand
  • Some people also like to use rubbing alcohol or lemon juice to fade the dye, or advocate taking a swim in a chlorinated pool. Again, these can all irritate the skin, so don’t overdo it.
  • A gentler alternative is to rub oil into the skin, which some people have found to help dissolve some of the pigment. Olive oil is often used for this, but you can try other oils too, such as coconut oil.
  • Some people advocate the use of skin bleaching creams, but these can be extremely irritating and are unlikely to fade the tattoo completely, so are best avoided.

Overall, washing the area and rubbing it with a natural oil like olive oil are the most skin-friendly methods, and should be tried first. But don’t expect to get rid of the tattoo completely, unless perhaps it’s already very faded.

An Alternative – Hiding the Tattoo

If you’re faced with a situation where you need to hide the tattoo (e.g. a job interview), you might find it easier just to cover it up temporarily, rather than desperately trying to get rid of it. To do this, try using concealing make-up that is designed for tattoo cover-up. This is thicker than normal foundation and has good staying power.

If the tattoo is on your hand, and you’ll be in a situation where you need to shake hands with someone, you could try covering it with a bandage.

If you’re not in a desperate situation where you absolutely need to hide the tattoo, it’s best to just wait. Henna tattoos fade naturally within a few weeks in most cases, so you won’t be stuck with it for long.

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