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Increase Energy Naturally With These Three Easy Tips

Many people these days complain about having low energy levels, even to the point where they find it hard to make it through the day. There are lots of reasons why you may be low in energy, and often it is modern lifestyles that are at fault. Many of us spend all day at sedentary occupations, and then spend the evenings slouched in front of the TV or computer. Our food is denatured by processing, and the majority of adults don’t take any regular exercise. It’s hardly surprising that our bodies rebel and we lose that feeling of vitality we had as kids.

Fortunately, providing that your energy loss isn’t the result of physical illness, it’s normally relatively easy to increase energy. And you don’t have to resort to caffeine or other stimulants either (anyhow, these are counter-productive in the long run). This article takes a look at three easy ways you can increase your energy naturally, starting right now.

1. Breathe Deeply

If you want more energy, tip number one is to breathe deeply and deliberately. Most people are shallow breathers; that is, they don’t inhale properly and tend to breathe just from the chest, rather than from the diaphragm. Habitual shallow breathing means that your body doesn’t get as much oxygen as it needs to function optimally, and you feel tired as a result.

So, make a habit of setting some time aside each day to breathe very deeply, making sure that you inhale fully from the diaphragm, and your abdomen expands. If possible, do this outside in the open air, as fresh air has its own energy-enhancing qualities. Over time, you’ll be more aware of your breathing patterns, and should begin to breathe deeply more habitually, without having to think about it.

2. Clean Up Your Diet

Man diving into seaAnother leading cause of low energy is the horrible diets are so many people in Western culture eat. It has become normal to live on processed foods and drinks that are full of chemicals, hydrogenated fats, refined sugar and flour and other ingredients in our bodies simply aren’t designed to handle.

If you eat a lot of junk food and want a permanent increase in your energy levels, try cleaning up your diet. This doesn’t mean never having the occasional ‘treat’ (although over time you may find that your tastes change and you simply don’t want the rubbishy foods anymore), but the majority of your food should be as natural and unprocessed as possible.

Think fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains such as brown rice, organic animal produce if you eat that, and drink water and herbal teas – you get the picture. Just make gradual improvement in your diet (trying to change overnight is usually a recipe for disaster), and in time your energy levels will follow suit.

3. Use Binaural Beats (Or Other Brainwave Entrainment Methods)

A third natural way to increase energy is to use binaural beats or other types of brainwave entrainment, such as isochronic tones and monaural beats (all three of these work well, although isochronic tones are slightly more powerful than the other two types). If you’re not already familiar with brain wave entrainment, it basically involves listening to a recording that contains repetitive sounds of specific frequencies. Your brain will naturally match its own brainwave output to the frequencies of the sounds it is hearing (this is called the frequency following response). [Read more about brainwave entrainment]

Meditation can have a very energising effect, since different mental and physical states are associated with specific brainwave frequency patterns, and you can use meditation recordings that are designed to help you feel more alert. With regular use, such a recording can help you to feel more awake after listening.

I personally like the ‘Energy Lift’ recordings from The Unexplainable Store, so if you’re interested in using the power of brainwave entrainment to give your energy levels a natural boost, they’re worth checking out.

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