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Common Meditation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Meditation has many benefits, and learning how to do it is a journey of discovery. However, learning to meditate can also be a very frustrating process, as the kind of mental discipline and control that meditation involves doesn’t come naturally to most people, and unfortunately a lot of people give up before they experience its full benefits for themselves. Often, this is because they’re making some common mistakes which could easily be avoided. Let’s take a look at some of these in this article.

Meditation Mistake #1 – Not Trying Different Meditation Techniques

There are many different ways of meditating, but many people just try one technique, decide that it’s not working for them, and proceed to give up on meditation altogether. This is a shame, because different methods work well for different people – some like to focus on their breath, whereas others like to use a mantra or follow a guided meditation recording.

So if you’ve tried one meditation method, but didn’t enjoy it or find it beneficial, it’s worth trying some other techniques before you decide to give up completely. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as you’re very likely to find a method that will suit you eventually.

Meditation Mistake # 2 – Impatience

A lot of people who are new to meditation are inspired by reading about its many benefits, and are expecting to see major impact in their life in a short period. Then if they don’t experience these dramatic results right away, they become discouraged and give up.

However, meditation is similar to most other pursuits in that it takes practice to become skilled, and it’s quite rare to have any kind of wonderful experience when you’re still right at the beginning of the learning curve. So if you’re having difficulty with focusing your mind, or you’re just sitting there feeling bored, this is completely normal. It is with regular meditation practice that you’ll begin to move beyond this frustrating beginner stage, and the real benefits will start to show themselves.

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Meditation Mistake #3 – Lack Of Consistency

Another common mistake made by new meditators is that they don’t practice their meditation routine daily. For best results, think of meditation as a normal part of your daily routine, just like you clean your teeth every day.

If you just meditate every now and again when you’re ‘in the mood’, you shouldn’t be surprised if meditation doesn’t seem to work well for you. If there are days when life is especially hectic and you don’t have time for your normal practice, it’s okay to shorten it – just five minutes is better than nothing. But keep that consistent routine going, and you’re more likely to experience the results you’re seeking.

Meditation Mistake #4 – A Poor Environment

A fourth mistake that many people make is that they try to meditate in an environment that isn’t really suitable. While experienced meditators may be able to quieten and focus their minds in even the most noisy and distracting environments, when you’re still new and learning, you need to give yourself every possible advantage, and this means meditating in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.

So make sure your meditation room is quiet, and that anyone else who is around knows you’re meditating and doesn’t disturb you.

It’s also important that you’re physically comfortable, and you should sit or lie down on a supportive surface, and the room should be at a comfortable temperature. It’s best to wear loose clothing as well. All these little details can have a major impact on the success of your meditation sessions, so it is worth paying some attention to them.

Meditation Mistake #5 – Being Too Ambitious

Finally, another common meditation error is to start off with a technique that’s intended for advanced meditators. Some meditation techniques take a lot longer to learn and master than others, and while most techniques can be mastered by most people with sufficient practice, if you choose a method that’s going to take months or longer to become comfortable with, you’re understandably going to feel like giving up before you experience any real benefits.

So if you’re just beginning, go with a meditation method that’s suitable for beginners. One is the easiest of these is to meditate by listening to a brainwave entrainment meditation recording. These recordings contain sounds of specific frequencies (such as binaural beats) that are specially designed to help your brain to relax deeply and to make it easier to focus your thoughts. By doing this, they help to overcome the main problem that new meditators face, which is the inability to keep the mind under control.

By using a brain entrainment recording, you’ll probably experience good results more quickly than with many other methods, and this will increase your motivation to continue your meditation practice.

So if you’re new to meditation, I strongly recommend giving brain wave entrainment to try – especially if you’ve already tried other methods, they haven’t worked very well for you, and you’re still wondering how to relax your mind properly.

It’s important to use a good quality recording however, and I recommend the ‘Meditation’ recordings from The Unexplainable Store, which are of great quality and fully guaranteed (and there are free downloads available too!)

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