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What Does ‘Paranormal’ Mean?

Paranormal Definition: The word ‘paranormal’ refers to phenomena and experiences outside ‘the range of normal experience or scientific explanation’ [source]. The prefix ‘para’ has different meanings, including (in its Latin derivation) ‘outside’ or ‘against’ – so paranormal experiences are set apart from those of everyday life, and which are outside the realm of scientific understanding.
It is possible that as science advances, phenomena currently classed as paranormal might become more fully understood. However, paranormal research is fraught with difficulties, as paranormal phenomena do not (by definition) conform to the usual …

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Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

Whether you love her or loathe her (I’m a fan, personally!), there’s no denying that Hello Kitty is everywhere, and that includes on non-mainstream products like tarot cards. In fact, there have been two Hello Kitty tarot decks published.

Hello Kitty Tarot Book, available from Amazon

The first – which was simply called ‘Hello, Tarot’, dates back to 2007, and had 78 cards featuring the ubiquitous cat and various other cute animals. This deck is by Joe Rosales, and was withdrawn from sale after legal action by Sanrio. The …

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What Is The Occult? – Definition

Ask many people to define ‘occult’, and chances are they’ll start talking about black magic or vampires and the like. However, there’s more it than this kind of thing – let’s look at what the term actually means.
The term ‘occult’ is derived from the Latin word ‘occultus’, which means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. In general use, it’s used to refer to ‘hidden knowledge’ – or information that isn’t generally known or understood (and which may possibly be considered beyond the range of human understanding). More specifically, the word is often …

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Selecting A Theta Meditation CD

Theta brainwave meditation can help to improve your daily life in various ways, as many people are now discovering. Theta waves are produced when the brain is highly relaxed, and are associated with phenomena such as enhanced creativity, better learning abilities, and even altered states of consciousness like astral projection and out of body experience (read more about the benefits of theta brainwaves).
Maintaining a theta trance state isn’t easy for most people however. Experienced meditators can access this deeply relaxed state at will, but it usually takes a lot …

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Pros And Cons Of Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

Brainwave entrainment meditation combines the power of modern technology with the age-old practice of meditation to provide you with an exciting way to access different states of consciousness much more easily than is usual with traditional techniques. It’s not perfect however, and in this article we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of using a brainwave entrainment recording for meditation.
Advantages Of Brainwave Entrainment
1. The first point in support of brainwave entrainment meditation is that it makes achieving different states of consciousness much easier, thanks to …

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How To Meditate For Beginners – 5 Tips

Meditation is hugely popular, and for very good reason. It offers a wide variety of potential benefits, and if you’ve made the decision to experience these for yourself, you’ve made a good choice! However, many beginners find that learning to meditate can be an overwhelming experience, since there are so many different ways to go about it. So this article tries to make the process a bit easier by providing a few easy tips on meditation for beginners.
To begin with, don’t get hung up on trying to get it …

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Why Should You Meditate? Some Benefits Of Meditation

Why meditate? Meditation is more popular than ever, and for good reason too, as it has many benefits. It can be especially useful for counteracting the stressful lifestyles that so many of us live today, which can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health if unchecked. However, meditation’s benefits extend beyond stress release alone, and we’ll take a look at some of these in this article.
1. Stress Relief
As noted, meditation is an excellent stress relief method. This is probably one of its most crucial benefits, because stress …

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4 Easy Relaxation Techniques For Deep Meditation

Mental and physical relaxation are vital if you to get the most from your meditation practice. Have you ever sat down to meditate, and then finished the session feeling bored or frustrated, and like it was all just a waste of your time? This is quite a common experience, and it’s usually a result of being unable to relax properly, for whatever reason.
In this article we’ll take a look at some simple steps you can take if you’re wondering how to relax your mind and body fully, which will help …

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Common Meditation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Meditation has many benefits, and learning how to do it is a journey of discovery. However, learning to meditate can also be a very frustrating process, as the kind of mental discipline and control that meditation involves doesn’t come naturally to most people, and unfortunately a lot of people give up before they experience its full benefits for themselves. Often, this is because they’re making some common mistakes which could easily be avoided. Let’s take a look at some of these in this article.
Meditation Mistake #1 – Not Trying Different …

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Using Binaural Beats For Aura Viewing – 3 Tips

Contrary to popular belief, most people can learn to see auras. This is not an inborn talent that you do or don’t have – rather, it’s a latent human ability that can be developed in most people. With practice, it can be possible to train your eyes to perceive auras, which occur around people, animals, plants and some other things too.
There are various methods that have been developed over the years to assist people with learning aura vision. One thing that most of these have in common is that they …