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What Does ‘Paranormal’ Mean?

Paranormal Definition: The word ‘paranormal’ refers to phenomena and experiences outside ‘the range of normal experience or scientific explanation’ [source]. The prefix ‘para’ has different meanings, including (in its Latin derivation) ‘outside’ or ‘against’ – so paranormal experiences are set apart from those of everyday life, and which are outside the realm of scientific understanding.
It is possible that as science advances, phenomena currently classed as paranormal might become more fully understood. However, paranormal research is fraught with difficulties, as paranormal phenomena do not (by definition) conform to the usual …

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What Is The Occult? – Definition

Ask many people to define ‘occult’, and chances are they’ll start talking about black magic or vampires and the like. However, there’s more it than this kind of thing – let’s look at what the term actually means.
The term ‘occult’ is derived from the Latin word ‘occultus’, which means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’. In general use, it’s used to refer to ‘hidden knowledge’ – or information that isn’t generally known or understood (and which may possibly be considered beyond the range of human understanding). More specifically, the word is often …