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The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale

Learn more about Abraham’s emotional scale and how to use it in their best-selling book, Ask and It Is Given.

The emotional scale is a tool introduced by Abraham-Hicks in Abraham’s book Ask and It Is Given. It helps you to more effectively use your emotional guidance system. The emotions at the top of the scale are those we experience when fully connected with our Inner Being/Source energy/in the vortex (or however you want to put it). The emotions at the bottom are the worst-feeling, and represent a relative disconnection …

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‘Take the Money Out of the Equation’

In our society, if we want some physical item or an experience that is not free, we are accustomed to paying money for it. So much so that it can be difficult to conceive of having or experiencing these things if we can’t pay for them. In this way, money becomes a limiting factor – many people only allow themselves to desire that which they can afford (or can buy on credit) right now. And worse, some cannot imagine having much more money than they currently have, because they don’t …

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Hate Market Research? Let The Universe Do It!

People who are thinking of starting a business, or those engaged in some kind of creative activity who want to share it with the world, are often advised to find out what the public wants, and then to tailor their product/service to fit that demand. In other words, to do extensive market research to find out if anyone will want their offering, and if demand doesn’t appear to exist, to do something else instead.
Now, this approach has no doubt proved successful for many, but is it really necessary? Most would …

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The Key to Success – Attraction or Hard Work?

Does success have to involve hard work? Or can we attract it with little effort? This queston was posed in an online forum recently, and unsuprisingly – given that it was a ‘mainstream’ type board – the majority of replies voted in favour of hard work. That view is the most common in western culture, especially in those areas where a Puritan work ethic prevails. But the fact that a majority believe something doesn’t necessarily make it correct.
Attraction is Primary
Success (defined here as the manifestation of desired results, whether in …

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So, What Do You Do?

This is a common question in social situations. While it might just be seen as an inconsequential small talk, on par with commenting on the weather, I’ve always found the implications of this question disturbing, and I was glad to hear a recent Abraham CD address the issue. Here are some reasons why the question not as innocuous as it seems, and what you can do, if, like me, you find it annoying and intrusive.
Why should a person be defined by their job/career?
There is a tendency to use a person’s …

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Life’s About Having Fun, Not ‘Learning Lessons’!

One theme that comes up again and again in the ‘new age’/self-help genre is that life is primarily about growth, and that life gives us ‘lessons’ or (even worse) ‘tests’, in the form of negative experiences, and that the path to success (as we define it) is littered with this kind of experience. And I’ve always thought that idea was a load of BS, even before discovering Abraham’s joy-centered perspective. It’s true that we can learn from any experience, and if we experience something not to our liking, it’s certainly …

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Contrast – Suffering Or Variety?

An Old Limiting Belief
One old thought pattern I’ve found to be a bit persistent is the idea that some degree of unpleasantness in life is somehow necessary – the old ‘you must struggle/suffer in order to grow/accomplish want you want’ type scenario. Or even if it’s not necessary, it’s unavoidable – bad things happen to everyone, right?
And, like everyone, I’d prefer to avoid painful experiences, but at one point in my Abraham work I even uncovered a belief that if my life becomes really great on every level, then something …

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The Power of Expectation

On the 04-8-14, San Diego Abraham workshop recording, there’s a wonderful story told by a guest who wanted to manifest more financial abundance. She wanted $30,000, and said to the Universe – I want $30,000. And as time went by, each day she would actively look for the money – for example when walking down the street, in the mailbox, etc. She said that after a while she developed a sense of certainty that she would get it, and that it would come in a way that made her …

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You Don’t Have To Figure Out The ‘How’!

I used to be very into conventional self-help and motivational material, particularly that which related to goal setting. One tactic that many authors recommended was to set a big goal, which was usually planned for a few years from now, and then work backwards by setting smaller goals. So you might expect to take five years to achieve the main goal, then you’d set sub-goals for each of the years, months, weeks and days that lead up to that. All in all, this is a very neat, step-by-step kind of …

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Why Isn’t It Here Yet?

One aspect of the deliberate creation process that I found challenging initially – and still catch myself doing – is, that after launching a desire, I’d keep looking at ‘what is’, and noticing that it had not yet manifested. And then I’d begin to doubt that the process was working at all! This is what Abraham calls ‘taking score too soon’, and seems to be quite a common behaviour among deliberate creators, especially in the early days of working with this approach. But it is a pattern that, if allowed …