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Become Psychic – Develop Your Psychic Abilities With Brainwave Entrainment

Do you want to become psychic? Many people would love to have psychic powers, but believe that such abilities are the preserve of the lucky gifted few. In reality though, so-called extrasensory abilities are a human capacity that we’re all born with, but most people simply don’t develop.
This is unsurprising really, as we live in a culture that ridicules the very idea of extra sensory perception, and people who do display such abilities are often regarded with scepticism or even fear. Many children have psychic powers, but lose them as …

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Increasing Psychic Abilities Through Meditation

By Jeffry R. Palmer
We all have psychic abilities. For many people this ability is dormant or asleep. It’s a bit like the person who sits at a piano for the first time and discovers that they have a natural talent for music. The ability was always present it just takes the right circumstances for the talent to become apparent.
Most of us have times in our lives when we notice something at work that can be considered psychic. Usually this psychic ability is in the form of intuition, hunches or gut …